AUTOOL X100S Universal Car Solar Digital Meter GPS HUD Head Up Display KM/h MPH Overspeed Warning Altitude Speedometer

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1. Please setting appropriate value before put the HUD into usage,any problem please feel free to inquiry us.

2. Please make sure your car model can be compatible with this devices brfore make a purchase.

3. Spray little water on the surface where to install the reflective film,tear the protective layer of the film and fix the position & scrap off the excessive water.
1. Power X100S on. The buzzer beeps, and the front LED displays.
2. When X100S is power on, the front LED displays 000, it means 0 KM/H. The yellow altitude LED is lit, and 4 small LED lights in the right display altitude. No satellite signal, it will display altitude with 0000 m.
3. Press the button “d” and switch to time display (Beijing Time/New York Time). No satellite signal, it will display 00:00
4. Press the button “d” to switch to distance display (Km/H or MPH). No satellite signal, it will not count.
5. Press the button “d” to switch back to altitude display, altitude LED will light.
6. Button “c” is for switch between Km/H and MPH.
7. X100S is double-circuit. Connecting with vehicle power supply, X100S will power on automatically. If you don’t connect it with vehicle power supply, please press button d and switch to solar supply.
8. Fatigue driving alarm
After an hour of driving, it will alarm. After 5 hours of driving, the alarm will keep ringing. At this time, please press button “a” to reset or stop for a rest and cut the power off.
9. Unit of Km/H, MPH
Press button “c” to switch between Km/H and MPH. When it displays in Km/H, it displays in Beijing Time. When it displays in MPH, it displays in New York Time.
10. Over speed alarm

When the speed is over 140 km/h, the buzzer alarms discontinuously. When the speed is less than 140 km/h, the buzzer will stop alarming.

?MULTIPLE POWER SUPPLY — The HUD Can be powered by Vehicle USB Cigarette Outlet or OBD2 port or Solar powered, which make it service you easliy as your choice. Easy setup and quick application.
?FATIGUE DRIVING ALARM — HUD will start to warn of you when driving time reach 1hour, it will keep on waring you continously when driving time reach 5hours, please press the reset button to stop it or pause the driving as well power off the HUD.
?YELLOW LIGHT DISPLY — Yellow light will let the driver more comfortable and protect the driver eyes aslo with clear vision, specially for long distance driving, ensure your a safer driving.
?DISTANCE CALCULATE DISPLAY — The gauge can works as the odometer capturing all mileage, if you want to measure single trip distance, you need to reset the value to zero when trip begins., time display also are available if needed.
?OVER SPEED WARNING & UNIVERSAL FIT — The HUD keeps waring you when speed over 140km/h with „bi bi“ sound, it stops when speed lower than 140km/h, GPS module makes all vehicles can fit with this guage.

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